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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s life-like graphics shown off

One of the more unexpected announcements at E3 this year was the return of Microsoft Flight Simulator, with a brand new version coming next year. The initial reveal trailer already showcased some impressive visuals but with testers now getting their hands on the pre-alpha version, we are starting to see life-like gameplay in action.

The latest gameplay footage comes from the Nvidia GeForce UK Twitter account, captured from the November 2019 version of the game. This is not an RTX showcase, as ray-tracing has not been announced or implemented in the game, but even so, the level of detail is incredibly impressive.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently being tested by a group of invited ‘Insiders’. The Insider program is open for anyone to sign up to, so if you want to get hands-on for yourself, you can register. Some players have already been sharing some very impressive screenshots, which the Flight Simulator team posted as part of the most recent December development update:

Currently, the developers are working on getting version 1.0 of the game’s SDK up and running, with plans to have that ready to go by mid-March, with a preview coming in January. We don’t know when the final version of the game will come out, but it will be hitting Xbox One and PC across Steam and Game Pass when that time comes.

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KitGuru Says: Microsoft Flight Simulator is looking incredible so far. I’m looking forward to seeing it first-hand at some point next year. Are many of you looking forward to this game? Have you signed up to the Insider program already?

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