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Microsoft may have sneakily revealed Project Scorpio’s release date

We are just a few days away from Microsoft's E3 press conference, which by all accounts will have a significant focus on Project Scorpio. Microsoft has been teasing its Scorpio reveal all week but it looks like fans are starting to pick up on the hidden messages, with one in particular seemingly revealing the release date for the console.

In Microsoft's most recent ‘Feel True Power' teaser for Project Scorpio, there is a scene with a stage and a code written on it. Twitter user ‘XboxInGame' analysed this teaser frame by frame and pointed out that the code reads “X10S101-317”, which has been deciphered as the X10S going on sale on the 10/13/17. This is written in US date format, so this would read as the 13th of October 2017.


Microsoft has previously said that Scorpio will launch in the holiday season, so an October release date fits right in. Beyond that, the spec for the console has been finalised for quite some time, giving developers plenty of time to start work on bringing games to the new console.

With all of that in mind, the proposed October release date seems likely. We will find out for sure during Microsoft's E3 conference on Sunday. If you want to tune in to the livestream, you can find all of the details surrounding the big E3 conferences this year in our schedule guide.

KitGuru Says: After seeing Digital Foundry's hardware coverage of Scorpio, I am very excited to see what Microsoft has up its sleeve for E3. It will all be for nothing if there are no new exciting games, it seems that Halo and Gears just aren't cutting it for Xbox anymore, so it's time to bring in some fresh IP. 

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