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Monster Hunter: World is getting a proper dynamic difficulty system

Monster Hunter World is an excellent game and for the most part, is equally as good when played in co-op. However, there has been one odd issue with Monster Hunter: World's difficulty scaling since it came out, making some two-player hunts extremely difficult but perfectly fine in single-player or with a full party. This issue is finally going to be addressed this year alongside the new Iceborne expansion.

Capcom is working on the Iceborne expansion right now, which will make some changes to the core game for everyone, while the new content will be reserved for expansion buyers. One such new feature is dynamic difficulty scaling, so a monster's health will scale better based on the number of people taking part.

Up to this point, Monster Hunter: World has had two difficulty settings, one for single-player and one for multiplayer. The issue is that the multiplayer difficulty doesn't scale down depending on the number of people in your party, nor does it reduce monster health if someone drops out or disconnects from the hunt.

The new dynamic difficulty system will change that. So if you go into a hunt with a teammate and they get disconnected, you won't be stuck in a fight scaled for multiple players. In addition, two-player hunts will have a different level of difficulty compared to three or four player sessions. This system will roll out later this year for all owners of the main game and will also be part of the new expansion.

KitGuru Says: Capcom has been doing a great job of supporting Monster Hunter: World since it launched. Tweaks like this should also help aid the game's longevity, especially in later years when getting a full squad might be more difficult. Are many of you still playing Monster Hunter from time to time? What do you make of the upcoming difficulty changes?

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