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Monster Hunter Rise sold four million copies at launch

Monster Hunter Rise officially launched for the Nintendo Switch last Friday and the game has already become a huge success, selling 4 million copies worldwide over its launch weekend.  Capcom’s announcement also points out that this number includes both physical and digital sales. For comparison, Monster Hunter World, which shipped …

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Monster Hunter Stories looks very different

Despite the fact that it features giant dragons, talking cats and matter cloning pickaxes, the Monster Hunter series of games is relatively serious. It’s unforgiving for newer players, has a deep and complicated system of augmenting your character and requires you to literally cut parts from your fallen enemies to …

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Famitsu scans show off new Monster Hunter 4G monsters

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, has a load of new information and images about the upcoming Monster Hunter 4G, the “ultimate,” version of Monster Hunter 4, much in the same way that the Wii U Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, was an improved version of the Wii’s edition. While we don’t have …

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Monster Hunter 4 coming to the west, on 3DS

Monster Hunter fans in the west don’t get much in the way of love from Capcom when it comes to the new releases in the series. We’re not getting a look in with the Chinese Cryengine PC version, Monster Hunter Online, and it’s taken untill now for the developer to …

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