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New documentary will showcase Valve’s cancelled game ‘F-STOP’

Over the years, Valve has worked on many unannounced game prototypes, many of which we may never hear about. We will be learning about one particular game soon though, F-Stop, a prequel to Portal that never ended up making its way to the finish line. 

LunchHouse Software, an indie studio, has managed to obtain permission from Valve to make a video series on F-Stop, otherwise known as ‘Aperture Camera', using Valve's original code to showcase the game's mechanics.

So LunchHouse Software will be showing the game running for the first time, while also explaining more about the game and how it was intended to work. The series is going to be called ‘Exposure' and may be the first of several unannounced/unreleased prototype games from Valve.

At the moment, Valve is working on getting Half-Life: Alyx ready for March and at the same time, Geoff Keighley is working on a documentary covering the game's entire development. During this documentary, we are also supposed to learn more about what ideas have been scrapped for Half-Life up to this point.

KitGuru Says: 2020 is going to be a big year for Valve, particularly if the studio keeps being more open about its inner workings and begins sharing ideas more openly. Of course, F-Stop has kind of been superseded at this point, as an upcoming indie game called ‘Superliminal' uses a similar size-changing mechanic to solve puzzles and will be coming out this year. 

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