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Nintendo Switch OLED model announced, releasing in October

Ahead of E3 last month, rumours had many believing that a Nintendo Switch Pro would be announced ahead of or during the event. The event came and went with no new Switch news, but that changed today, with Nintendo announcing the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. 

Officially known as Nintendo Switch (OLED Model), this is not the Switch Pro upgrade that was previously rumoured. This is a design revision of the Switch with an upgraded OLED display, but it does not use an upgraded Nvidia chip, so don't expect better graphics settings or higher frame rates.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model includes a 7-inch OLED display with slightly smaller bezels than the original Switch. Under the hood, storage has been upgraded to 64GB, better speakers have been put into the console and the kickstand is now wider and has more adjustments for finding the perfect viewing angle.

There is also a newer Switch Dock with a wired LAN port and some aesthetic differences, such as the logo on the dock lighting up. This new Switch Dock should also work with the original model.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is set to launch on the 8th of October for $349.99/£299.99.

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KitGuru Says: Well it seems rumours of Nintendo planning an updated Switch for October 2021 were correct after all. Unfortunately, it isn't quite the all-encompassing upgrade we were hoping for. What do you all think of the new Nintendo Switch model? 

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