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Obsidian’s Grounded shown at PAX East

Shortly after unveiling the game's Early Access plans, Obsidian has shown off new gameplay footage for its upcoming game ‘Grounded'. The cartoonish, shrunk down survival game is due to come out at some point in the next few months and now we have a good look at how Obsidian's multiplayer experiment plays.

During a Q&A session at PAX East, Obsidian showed off some new gameplay footage for Grounded, showing off crafting, building, combat and more. The developers also discuss some of the ideas that aren't implemented into the main game just yet.

The game can be played in first-person and third-person modes. The initial map is set in a garden, with you and your co-op partners all shrunk down to the size of ants, using grass and leaves to build shelter and catch water droplets. You can also craft weapons to fend off ants and other bugs from attacking.

As you collect crafting materials and new recipes, new parts of the map will open up to you. However, there is no direct terraforming, so you won't be changing large chunks of the map along the way outside of building your own shelters and chopping down blades of grass. There will be vehicles of sorts to get across terrain faster and eventually, you may also be able to ride on insects but for now, that feature isn't in the game yet.

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KitGuru Says: There is still plenty we don't know about Grounded but at this point, we seem to have most of the basics. Hopefully an Early Access release is announced soon so we can all try it for ourselves. 


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