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Original Pokemon Trading Card game to get anniversary re-release

The first series of Pokémon Trading Cards is set to get a re-release, just in time for the 20th anniversary of the series. The original set of trading cards will be released once again on the 27th of February, alongside the re-releases of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow on the 3DS.

This information came directly from the Pokemon Trading Card team based in Japan. Unfortunately though, there is no word on a western release just yet. The entire set will contain 60 cards, along with a rubber game mat for 715 Yen.

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Designs of the cards will remain identical to what they were back in 1996 when the game first launched. This is all part of a continued effort to mark the 20th anniversary of the franchise, a move that also included the launch of special edition pokemon 2DS systems.

KitGuru Says: The Pokemon trading card game was huge back when I was a kid, though I never really got in to it. Did any of you used to play it? 

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