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PlayStation games unlikely to get simultaneous PC releases

Over the last couple of years, Sony has been slowly bringing some of its PlayStation franchises over to PC, starting off with Horizon Zero Dawn, Day's Gone and soon, Uncharted will be joining the ranks. This new PC strategy has been in the works for some time, but we're unlikely to ever see PlayStation games release on console and PC simultaneously.

Former PlayStation executive, Shawn Layden, recently joined the What's Up PlayStation podcast. The idea of bringing PlayStation games to PC was already in the works before Layden left, and as he explains, the strategy is to essentially tempt PC gamers into coming to console by giving them a taste of what they've been missing.

“The idea of going to PC—and I don’t think you’ll ever see PlayStation do a day and date with PC, but you know, never say never—but the strategy as we were developing it when I was there was that we need to go out to where these new customers are, these new fans could be. We need to go to where they are because they’ve decided not to go to come to my house so I’ve got to go to their house now.”

As Layden explains (via VGC), Sony decided the best way to do this is to take a top selling game, like Horizon Zero Dawn, long after launch and bring it to PC, this way, the PC version won't impact PlayStation sales and the company will mostly be bringing in new customers. In an ideal scenario, such a move would convince PC players to pick up a PlayStation console eventually so that they can keep up with all exclusives as they release.

So far, Sony has been happy with the performance of its titles on PC and the company is looking to release more as time goes on. In 2022, PC players will get Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: Lost Legacy, but no further titles have been announced at this time. Rumours claim that we should see God of War (2018) on PC at some point, which could release as part of the build-up to God of War 2 on PS5 in late 2022.

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KitGuru Says: As much as I would love to see all PlayStation exclusives coming to PC at the same time as their console releases, it has been pretty clear so far that Sony isn't interested in doing that. Did any of you play Horizon Zero Dawn or Days Gone for the first time on PC? Is it tempting you to pick up a console, or will you wait for games to come to PC instead?

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