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Xbox boss Phil Spencer doesn’t like exclusives

It’s well known that each platform focuses heavily on exclusive games and their respective DLC, a delight to many of the system owners and a curse to those cut off from potentially enjoying what the game has to offer. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has spoken out against the idea …

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HTC: We absolutely do not believe in exclusives


Right from the get-go, HTC/Valve and Oculus have had fairly different approaches to the virtual reality market. While Oculus has been trying to push things along by paying developers for timed exclusivity deals, Valve has remained against such tactics. Now, HTC has also weighed in on the topic, stating that …

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Wii U to get a host of new indie support

The Wii U is doing a lot better than it once was, thanks to a year of much stronger game releases, headed by the always fun – and soon to be updated with DLC – Mario Kart 8. However Nintendo isn’t just pushing big, first party releases on its current …

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Apple and Google are battling over mobile exclusives

Gamers are pretty used to the idea of platform exclusives on consoles and PC but it isn’t something we’ve really had to deal with on mobile devices until recently, as now Apple and Google are battling over exclusivity deals with App developers more aggressively than ever. With gaming apps being …

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