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Pokémon Legends Arceus announced for Nintendo Switch

During an announcement stream this afternoon, The Pokémon Company revealed a release date for Pokémon Snap, Diamond and Pearl remakes and the next big Pokémon title from Game Freak – Pokémon Legends Arceus. 

Pokémon Snap was announced for the Nintendo Switch last year and is now releasing on the 30th of April 2021. Then later this year, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will release, delivering enhanced remakes of the original DS games from 2007.

The most exciting part about today's stream though was the reveal of Pokémon Legends Arceus. This is the next flagship Pokémon title from Game Freak and will be seen as a dream game for many Pokémon fans, as it will feature a true open world and seems to take inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Some features include open-world battles and you'll be able to use stealth to try and catch Pokémon in the wild too.

The story is set in the Sinnoh region, but not as we remember it. This game is set in an older time period, before the land became heavily populated by humans. This leaves vast open areas for Pokémon to roam. As you may expect, we'll be attempting to establish the Sinnoh region's first Pokédex as we journey through the game.

Pokémon Legends Arceus is currently set to release for Nintendo Switch in early 2022.

KitGuru Says: Are any of you looking forward to next year's Pokémon game? What do you think of the new open-world gameplay style? 

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