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Pokemon Let’s Go is already running fairly well on Switch emulator

While Nintendo has been cracking down on ROM sites lately, emulator creators remain undeterred. This year, two Nintendo Switch emulator projects have been getting off the ground, with the Yuzu emulator seemingly pulling ahead. The most recent update from Yuzu sees Pokémon Let's Go ‘playable' just a week after launch.

In a new video, we can see the opening portion of the game running in the Yuzu emulator. The frame rate isn't perfect and the audio/text is bugged, but it is surprisingly swift progress for a game that just launched not too long ago.

Aside from text not displaying, the game appears to be stable graphically, although that could change the further into the game you get. As Kotaku points out, the game was captured running on the Yuzu ‘Canary' build, which is the most recent version of the emulator.

There's no telling how long it will be before the game becomes fully playable, although I'm sure Nintendo will be keeping a close eye on potential piracy as it continues to go after ROM sites.

KitGuru Says: I didn't expect to see Pokémon appear on an emulator so quickly but here we are. It could be a while before all of the kinks are ironed out though. Have any of you tried the Yuzu emulator at all?

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