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Prey is fairly good at launch but there are some issues

Prey has released today and while our performance analysis is still on the way, there are some important early details for those looking to buy day-one before benchmarks hit. For starters, the game seems to be holding up a lot better than Dishonored 2 already. Ultra-wide 21:9 support is present, as is SLI/CrossFire support. There are some problems I have encountered though.

During the first hour of Prey, performance wasn't really an issue at 1440p with a GTX 1080, which is in stark contrast to my experience with Dishonored 2. However, mouse sensitivity is still on the high side. Sensitivity came set to 10 (out of 100) by default but to get the best experience, I found myself lowering it further to 5.


For those worried about the low field of view, there will be a slider added to the options menu at some point. However, if you can't wait, then you can adjust FOV through the game's config file. Typically, this can be found on the C: drive in the saved games folder. Once you've found game.cfg, you need to look for the line “cl_hfov=85.5656” and change the number to whatever you would prefer. It does max out at 120, as you would expect.

Bethesda has warned that there are ‘some issues' that are more noticeable with a higher FOV, so you may encounter some problems using this method.

KitGuru Says: So far, Prey seems like an improvement over Dishonored 2 but there are still some problems. So far though, I've not come across anything game breaking. Have any of you tried out Prey yet? Will you be picking it up over the weekend?

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