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Rainbow Six Siege’s next patch is huge

Yesterday, Ubisoft announced that in the next few weeks, Operation Health would be coming to an end but that wasn’t all the publisher had to share with us. Ubisoft also began discussing Rainbow Six Siege’s next patch and it seems to be the biggest one yet, hitting up to 42GB depending on the system.

If you are playing Rainbow Six Siege on PC with the Ultra HD Texture Pack, then the next patch will measure in at 42GB for you. Alternatively, if you are on PC without the ultra HD textures, then the patch will weigh in at 26GB.

Those of you on Xbox One or PS4 get away with a 15GB patch, which is relatively small by comparison, though still quite large by most standards. So why is this update so big? Well, Ubisoft refers to this as the ‘Year Two Season Three’ patch, which will usher in new content but also provides a new baseline for all future updates. It seems much of Operation Health has been building up to this moment, which is finally putting in place a new foundation for the game.

Once this patch is over and done with though, the game should take up less space on disk going forward. Since the beginning, Rainbow Six has stored game data in what the devs refer to as ‘the forge’, this makes patch downloads smaller and simplifies the process a bit but over time, it leads to wasted space on the disk.

With this new season three patch coming in to place, many existing changes will be replaced and the forge will be shrunk down. This will mean that the game will take up less hard drive space and improve loading times by up to 10 percent.

KitGuru Says: I’m glad to see Operation Health paying off like this. There have been a lot of inconsistencies in the game over the last few months but from the sounds of it, this patch is the one we have been waiting for. Are many of you still playing Rainbow Six Siege? Will you be hopping back in after this new patch starts rolling out?

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