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Respawn announces ‘the road ahead’ for Titanfall 2, new content on the way

Titanfall 2 may not have sold as well as it should have on release but the player base seems to still be alive and Respawn is looking to keep it that way as this week, the studio announced plans for upcoming free multiplayer content. Respawn has revealed “the road ahead” for Titanfall 2, which includes introducing new maps and multiplayer modes.

These new content drops will be arriving between April and June, with two new ‘general’ multiplayer maps and two new ‘Live Fire’ maps coming. There will also be a new Titan and two new ‘Prime Titans’.


Aside from that, further upcoming changes include plans to increase the gen cap from 10 to 100 and bring more options to private matches by adding Live Fire and Coliseum to the selectable modes.

A new in-game faction should become available, as well as a nw game mode called ‘Marked for Death’, though we don’t know a ton about that one at the moment. You’ll get more customisation for your pilot, including new takedown/execution moves, camos and other skins. Matchmaking is going to be improved too.

The whole announcement is light on specific details when it comes to new modes and maps but this does show that Respawn is still committed to Titanfall 2. Aside from these content drops, there is going to be a new DLC called ‘A Glitch in the Frontier’, which will be fully unveiled later in April.

KitGuru Says: Titanfall 2 reviewed very well but its release date ended up really hurting its sales. Have any of you guys picked up Titanfall 2 now that its cheaper? There still seems to be plenty of people playing multiplayer, which is encouraging for the long-term.

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