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Retailer lists release date for Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion

Since the launch of the first expansion for The Witcher 3 back in October last year, CD Projekt Red has been silently working away on its second, larger expansion called ‘Blood and Wine'. While we haven't heard much about the new expansion officially, all signs seem to point to it launching in the next couple of months.

Back at the start of March, a Polish gaming website had listed a 26th of April release date for Blood and Wine, which will see Geralt venture to the mysterious land of Touissant, an area unaffected by the war between Nilfguard and Temaria.


However, since then GRYOnline has updated its listing, suggesting that CD Projekt Red has adjusted things a bit. If this information is accurate, then Blood and Wine should arrive on the 7th of June. Retailers are often privy to release information ahead of the rest of us but obviously we can't verify this information ourselves so take it with a grain of salt.


CD Projekt Red has been dropping some breadcrumbs about the expansion recently, having released two screenshots from Blood and Wine as well as letting us know that the original composer for The Witcher 3's soundtrack will be returning with all new music for this new content. However, if the release date is so soon, then we will hopefully be getting a trailer and some official information at some point in the coming weeks.

KitGuru Says: CD Projekt Red has been really quiet on what is going on with Blood and Wine. However, if this release date is accurate then we will likely start getting some official details quite soon. Are any of you looking forward to Blood and Wine? I've been waiting to jump back into The Witcher since completing the Hearts of Stone expansion last year. 

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