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Rockstar confirms enhanced Grand Theft Auto San Andreas release

Yesterday we reported that an Xbox 360 achievement list for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas leaked online, suggesting that Rockstar may be re-releasing the game in HD. The studio has now confirmed that the decade old game will be re-releasing digitally, replacing the original Xbox version in the Xbox Live market place but it won’t be much of an improvement.

The unofficial ‘HD’ edition will feature 720p resolution, enhanced draw distances and achievement support, although from what we can tell, there will be no improved textures, lighting or other graphical features, so it isn’t going to be the big improvement we were hoping for and the game certainly isn’t being ‘remastered’ or ‘remade’. The game will release on the 26th of October.


Any save data players had from the Xbox originals version won’t carry over to the new edition and while the old version will be removed from the online store, owners can still access it through their purchase history. It sounds like buyers of the original will have to re-buy again for the small improvements to the game.

A price has yet to be announced and Rockstar only commented on the Xbox version of the game, so it doesn’t look like the ‘new’ edition will be coming to the PS3.

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KitGuru Says: This doesn’t really count as a HD remake of the game, those who own San Andreas on the PC will already have access to higher resolutions, although without improved textures or lighting, the game will look largely the same. The Xbox 360 version running at 720p won’t be the huge improvement many were hoping for. What do you guys think of this news? Is this disappointing? Should Rockstar consider giving San Andreas a proper remake and releasing it on all platforms?

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