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Rockstar might be releasing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas HD

It looks like Rockstar might be planning to release a HD remake of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas soon as an Xbox 360 achievement list has leaked online. The list contains 33 achievements in total, referencing multiple activities you'll likely remember from the game, including going to the gym to lose weight or purchasing a house.

This year also marks the ten year anniversary of San Andreas, as a result, Rockstar has released some content for GTA Online to celebrate it. There's no official word on the HD remake just yet but many have noticed that the ‘classic' version of San Andreas has been pulled from Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, suggesting that the game will be coming to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


Despite the next generation consoles being out for around a year now and selling pretty well, there is no word on whether or not this San Andreas remaster will reach the PS4 or Xbox One. The studio also seems to have distanced itself a fair bit from the PC platform recently, evidenced by the lack of communication with PC owners waiting for GTA V, so it's not immediately clear if we can expect a PC release either, despite the original being wildly popular on the platform.

That said, this is all based on rumors and speculation right now so take everything you read with a pinch of salt and hold out for an official announcement from Rockstar.

You can check out the leaked achievements list, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: Rockstar hasn't officially mentioned a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas HD remake before so its possible that it will release on all platforms, rather than just the Xbox 360 and PS3. However, we won't know for sure until an official announcement is made. Would you guys like to see a spruced up version of GTA San Andreas released? Do you think Rockstar will release a PC version?

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  1. HYPED for GTA 5 PS4 AND even more for gta san andreas ps4 my favourite game damn hope this tru!

  2. They’re working on it on Steam, so yes.

  3. i hope they anounce it! thats all i have to say

  4. If Rockstar hadn’t made us PC owners wait longer for our releases maybe the sales hype would have been better and stopped a lot of the pirating.

  5. The Dinosaur Truth

    I smell bullshit

  6. I kinda hope they release Vice City 🙁 possibly even pair it with Vice City Stories which I never got to play. I’ll get this too. But the hazy orange skies bleeding pink always brings the nostalgia back.

  7. Yet another cheap cash in on a popular game but I smell bullshit for the fact that this is going to be made for Xbox 360 and PS3 yet there is much powerful hardware to make a complete remake of it from the ground up yet they chosse to put it out on last gen not going to happen.

  8. Paulius Mscichauskas

    Hope they port the GTA5 Artificial intelligence, because AI in GTA SA is pretty darn terrible in todays standards… 🙂

  9. GTA 5 is technically the remake though

  10. It would be easier to re-release it for Xbox One and PS4, they can simply port it from x86-PC to the x86 game consoles at @1080p@60fps with all the required bug fixes, the v2.0 version on PC was already fixed mostly of all the major bugs and the majority of the minor bugs… it would be p*ss easy Rockstar! 🙂

  11. victor caballero

    I hope they totally rebuild gta san andreas in hd and shit.