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Asus ROG GR8 Steam Machine to launch this December

Asus officially announced its Republic of Gamers GR8 mini PC/ Steam Machine some time ago and now we finally know when its coming. The mini PC will release sometime in December here in the UK, featuring an Intel Core i7 CPU and an Nvidia GTX 750Ti graphics card.

The machine will be configurable with up to 16Gb of RAM, users will be able to choose between an SSD and a traditional hard drive, although the whole thing will be easy enough to crack open and upgrade yourself. However you should note that you can only add in new drives or RAM, you won't be switching GPUs or CPUs. While the GR8 is primarily aimed at those that want a small, console-like machine for the TV, it will come bundled with an ROG Gladius mouse and an M801 mechanical keyboard, rather than a controller.

asus rog gr8 - 3

Valve has delayed its Steam controller until next year, so you won't be seeing it bundled with the ROG GR8. Additionally, Steam OS is still in the testing stages and a full release has yet to be announced, as a result, the GR8 will launch with Windows 8.1 installed and won't use a custom skin like Alienware's solution. However, like most PCs, the GR8 will be Steam OS compatible.

According to the ROG GR8 website, the PC will only hit 28dB under full load and will only pull 15 watts from the wall at idle, making it fairly quiet and energy efficient. Besides from the December release window, no exact date has been confirmed, nor has pricing.

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KitGuru Says: The GR8 seems to be sending out mixed signals, its a Steam machine- but it doesn't come bundled with Steam OS. It's aimed at those who want a small PC for the living room- yet it comes with a mouse and keyboard rather than a controller. The messaging seems to be a bit muddled up. However, the design is pretty spot on. What do you guys think of the Steam Machine initiative? Does it seem a bit pointless until Valve's OS and controller are ready?

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  1. looks sick. hope its still around the price of a xb1 or ps4 as intended.

  2. Doesn’t seem likely….a 750ti and an i7 cpu and mobo? those together would cost about 350$…..only leaves $150 margin for the storage, psu and keyboard/mouse…..doesn’t seem very likely it’ll be sub-$500

  3. It looks GR8 (Pun entirely intended) however I would have liked to see USB 3.0 ports

  4. Manufacturers get components in bulk and therefore a lot cheaper. Also, the mobo would be custom made by ASUS just for this computer. I am going to go with that it will cost roughly $450.

  5. This thing doesn’t make any sense, I can’t imagine anyone who would buy it… it’s just a PC in a little chassis, which I guarantee you will spend premium cash for, and you won’t even be able to change the GPU when it becomes obsolete, which is one of the main advantages of having a PC in the first place.

    Maybe if you’re really desperate for space so you absolutely need the small form factor, but otherwise just get a normal PC, you can instal Steam OS over it…for whatever reason you would do that.

  6. There’s 4 x USB 3.0 on the back of the unit.


  7. its $1,300 at best buy