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Rockstar website update points to imminent Red Dead Redemption Remaster announcement

There have been rumours of a Red Dead Redemption remaster circulating for years but everything seems to be coming to a head in recent months. Shortly after a new version of Red Dead Redemption was rated, Rockstar's website has now been updated and sleuths have discovered more references hinting at a new version of the game. 

South Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee recently rated a new version of Red Dead Redemption. This is a new listing, which could hint at a re-release, or perhaps even a remaster. The same ratings board also recently let slip the existence of a Quake 2 remaster. Last year, the same board accurately confirmed the incoming release of Quake Remastered shortly before Bethesda's QuakeCon event, so there is a decent track record in place here.

Image credit: Take-Two/Rockstar Games. 

The image above is a newly created Red Dead Redemption logo found on the Rockstar website, which was updated mere hours ago. As pointed out by Rockstar serial leaker and dataminer, Tez2, the logo introduces a new title for the game “Rockstar Games Presents Red Dead Redemption”, further indicating that a new version of this game is due to be released soon. While Rockstar Games Presents branding has been present on promotional material in the past, the new website update lists this as a separate version from the original release.

The codename reads as “RDR1RSP”, which broken down, could be read as Red Dead Redemption 1 Remaster (or Remake), with the SP standing for Single Player, indicating that multiplayer features present in the original game won't be here, instead funnelling players towards Red Dead Redemption Online, which is available as a standalone product, or included with purchases of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar is typically very secretive but the company has been making a bigger push for remasters recently. Last year, we saw GTA V Expanded and Enhanced for new-gen consoles, adding features like ray-tracing and 4K resolution support. Rockstar also released the GTA Definitive Edition trilogy, revamping GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas in one package, although the Definitive Edition label did end up turning into a meme, as each of those remasters released in rough shape with plenty of bugs. Due to this, Rockstar may be shifting its branding to add ‘Rockstar Games Presents' to the title, rather than reusing Definitive Edition.

Previously, modders attempted to recreate Red Dead Redemption 1 using Red Dead Redemption 2 as the base. Unfortunately, those projects were shut down by Rockstar's legal team. If Red Dead Redemption is getting a remaster, we would hope that Rockstar's plans include a PC version, as the original game was exclusive to Xbox 360 and PS3.

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KitGuru Says: With Red Dead Redemption 2 technically being a prequel, a remake of Red Dead Redemption 1 with comparable graphics to RDR2 would be more than welcome by fans. Many got into the series for the first time with RDR2, so seeing the events that play out afterwards with polished up graphics would be very satisfying. 

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