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Capcom and Niantic’s Pokémon Go inspired Monster Hunter game lands in September

In recent years, Capcom has teamed up with a couple of mobile development companies to produce new Monster Hunter games. One of those projects is Monster Hunter Now, a Pokemon Go-style AR game set in the Monster Hunter universe, built by none other than Niantic. 

Announced earlier this year, Monster Hunter Now has been in beta testing for iOS and Android devices for several months. Now, Capcom has announced an official launch date – September 14th.

In Monster Hunter Now, players will have to wander around their real-world surroundings to find monsters to battle. You'll also have the ability to team up with other people playing the game nearby to take on more challenging fights.

If you don't feel like standing around outside, you can use an in-game item known as a paintball, which will allow you to tag a monster you encounter out in the wild and then fight it when you get back home, this opens up the door for players to check in on the game during their morning commute, tag a monster and then get to battling once they've returned home, or over a lunch break.

The Monster Hunter franchise has sold more than 90 million units worldwide, so it is popular. Whether or not it will reach Pokemon Go's popularity remains to be seen, but many other studios have tried similar games and have shut them down within years. A few years ago, Microsoft shut down its Minecraft AR mobile game and recently, CD Projekt Red pulled the plug on its Witcher-themed AR game. More recently, Niantic's own NBA All World app was also announced to be shutting down less than a year on from its launch.

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KitGuru Says: We've seen plenty of games like this but few of them survive in the long run. Do you think Monster Hunter Now will be successful? 

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