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Pokémon Go to finally get legendaries this week

Although Pokémon Go is undoubtedly a success, it’s difficult not to notice the absence of key features that players have come to expect from the Pokemon series. One of the most noticeable missing features was the lack of legendary Pokémon, however a year down the line, legendaries are finally coming …

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Taiwan introduces fines for Pokémon Go drivers


Doing anything other than looking at the road while driving is never a good idea, even if you have a Tesla with autopilot. Playing a game while driving is one of the dumbest ideas though, which is why Taiwan has begun fining people who are discovered playing hot new augmented …

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Pokémon Go players are asking for (and getting) refunds


Pokémon Go players haven't been particularly happy with developer Niantic, for some time now. Initially its game had server lag, then a tracking bug and now since the developer pulled the ability to track local Pokémon altogether, many players have stopped playing and requested refunds, citing that the game isn't …

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Pokémon Go Japan launch begins retail partnerships

It doesn't take a big stretch of the imagination to consider what's financially possible with a game that can have people congregate in certain areas. That's why now that Pokémon Go is finally available in Japan, more than 3,000 of its Gyms are located at McDonald's restaurants. This is the first …

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Pokémon GO is now playable… in the far-East

Update: Some of our readers from around the world have managed to download it. If you're playing Pokémon Go right now, where are you from, and which platform are you playing on? Nintendo has launched its new augmented reality smartphone game, Pokémon GO, in territories including Japan, New Zealand and …

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