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Shenmue 3 now has stretch goals up to $11 million

The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter has been a bit of a somewhat confusing campaign. The whole thing initially launched at E3 on Sony's stage, with Yu Suzuki asking for $2 million to fund the initial game. However, it later came out that the Shenmue creator actually wanted at least $10 million in order to start expanding on the open world experience.

Now, the campaign page has been updated with new stretch goals, letting potential backers know what they could get in to the game should more money be raised. New goals include added quests, missions, events and in-game systems.


At $6 million, the battle system will be expanded on while at $6.5 million something called ‘ragdoll reaction' will be added in to the battle system. Honestly, all of the stretch goals are pretty vague and there isn't really any form of explanation for what a lot of these goals actually mean, which could make them a hard sell.

At $7 million the battle system will be expanded with ‘AI battling' and at $7.5 million there will be an additional ‘high ground battle system' added in, whatever that means. Beyond that, there are a lot of mini games being added in up until $8.5 million at which point parts of the map will be expanded on with new activities thrown in.

We already know that Shenmue 3 is actually going to need a lot more money than the Kickstarter is asking for, so if these extra goals are hit, we will likely see even more added. That said though, the crowd funding has slowed down significantly, currently sitting at $3.6 million raised with 20 days left to go. The bulk of that funding was raised within the first 24 hours of the campaign going live so it looks like Yu Suzuki may need to start looking at other sources of funding as it doesn't seem like the majority of it will be coming from Kickstarter.

You can see all of the new stretch goals, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: Shenmue 3 managed to generate a lot of hype during E3 week but it is easy to see that funding has slowed down quite a bit. The amount raised was sitting at $3.5 million total around four days ago, when we last reported on the progress of this particular campaign and has now hit $3.6 million.  Do you guys think Shenmue 3 will manage to hit $10 million on Kickstarter? 

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