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Silent Hill ‘soft reboot’ rumoured to be announced soon

While Konami has denied rumours that a Silent Hill reboot is in the works, discussion has continued, with various leakers claiming that it is still in fact happening. If Silent Hill really is coming back, then we may find out about it quite soon, as it is tipped to be part of Sony's June State of Play. 

Known leaker ‘Dusk Golem' has taken to Twitter once again, claiming to have seen ‘solid evidence' that a new Silent Hill is getting announced in June.

They then go on to claim about knowing something that most people don't, which some are taking to mean VR support. Previously, Sony partnered with Capcom to get PlayStation VR support for Resident Evil VII, so we could see a similar deal in place with Konami for Silent Hill.

Other rumours point towards the new Silent Hill being a ‘soft reboot' developed by Sony Japan. If this all proves to be true, then we should find out during Sony's upcoming PS5 games showcase.

KitGuru Says: Sony's big June presentation is going to be highly anticipated. Do you think we'll see a new Silent Hill game? 

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