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Skyrim Remaster, Prey 2 and more rumoured for Bethesda E3

E3 is going to be kicking off in just a week but it looks like we are already getting some idea of what to expect in terms of announcements at the conference. Today, reports began circulating, saying that Bethesda is set to announce a Skyrim Remaster, Prey 2, a new Wolfenstein game and even a sequel to The Evil Within.

The Skyrim Remaster is something that has been brought up before, as Bethesda experimented with an Xbox One port in the lead up to Fallout 4's development and the new engine. This time, the rumours come from two apparent ‘industry insiders' posting on NeoGAF, who confirmed that a remaster was on the way, though we don't know exactly how much will have changed.


On the other side of things, we previously heard about the possibility of a Wolfenstein: The New Order sequel when a key voice actor mentioned working on one before later retracting it. The Evil Within 2 hasn't been talked about much but Eurogamer threw it out there as a possibility.

Prey 2 is something that has popped up once again quite recently as the domain for the official website was updated last month. Back in 2014, Kotaku also managed to get hold of some internal emails about the game, which is apparently now being made at Arkane Studios, the same developer behind Dishonoured.

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KitGuru Says: If these rumours prove true, then Bethesda will be focusing primarily on promoting other studios, rather than a new title of its own. What do you think of the current rumoured list of Bethesda E3 announcements? 

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  1. They should make a new Elder Scroll instead of remaster on old one. But it is all about money so guess that is why they do it.

  2. Skyrim Remaster? We already have that with all the mods. Why is Bethesda investing time and money into a project that the community has been doing for them for free?

  3. Gary 'Gazza' Keen

    Because if people are stupid enough to buy it it’s easy money

  4. To please the console peasants, cos they can do no mods.

  5. I really hope the rumours are unfounded, or they simply mean Bethesda as a publisher, not game developer. Skyrim was good – great, even – but it’s not good enough nor old enough to be remastered. If they’re going to remaster anything it should be Morrowind, frankly. Rejuvinate one of the oldest, not the most recent. Or, better still, new Elder Scrolls plz.

  6. No. They need a Morrowind remaster. Give us that, then move on to a new one.

  7. You can remaster the game by mastering it twice.

  8. If they go back and do the whole of Elder Scrolls that would be good, I would love to play the first two games on a modern engine with the scale and detail they put into Skyrim. It would actually be great if they did one massive gameworld with all the realms in it and set different stories throughout it’s time, but that’s wishful thinking.

  9. chris bradshaw

    Mods can only push the game so far. Skyrim remastered in the new 64bit creation engine with support for the new technologies in fallout 4 such as physics based lighting rendering and the water physics would be a thing of beauty. It would also be a lot more stable with lots of mods running.

    I can’t imagine existing mods would work in a remastered skyrim however so I would pass on it.

  10. The thing that made skyrim fun for me on 360 was the glitches that aloud me to become a “godlike” character and if those glitches gets fixed then the game won’t be as fun unless you can add proper mods .

  11. well that will be a fun way to subdivide the modding field for skyrim. even better they’ll push mods on consoles and more mod authors will leave because of people uploading their mods for consoles with no credit.

  12. Even with all that, my question is still why? Fans have already played the shit out of this game, especially on PC. I might get it on console: old gen vs new gen. But I really do not see the added value of rereleasing a game that is only a few years old on PC.

    But I probably just dont understand consumer behaviour.

  13. You answered you own question with a question that ironically was the answer to the first question.
    Free is the reason. You don’t make any money on free. And there will be people who don’t use the mods and will gladly pay for it.

  14. Prey 2 = Happiness. How about remaster Prey 1. Forget Skyrim.

  15. You’re not alone in that lack of understanding…