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Star Citizen has made over $250 million in crowdfunding so far

This time last year, Star Citizen officially crossed $208 million in lifetime crowdfunding. Now, to cap off 2019, Star Citizen has crossed a new milestone, with $250 million made to date spread across almost two and a half million backers. 

So far, 2,448,842 people have backed Star Citizen during its lengthy development cycle. At Citizencon in November, we learned about a lot of new features and technical improvements coming to the game to speed up development and make it better to play for those jumping in early. Thanks to these announcements, Star Citizen brought in an extra $9 million over November.

On average, Star Citizen brings in over $1.5 million per month, so November was a particularly notable month for the game, far exceeding the amount of money brought in from May to October.

At this point, Star Citizen has been in the works since 2012 and there is still a long way to go before the game is feature complete. As part of the December update, Star Citizen is getting a new planet, a new 20v20 PvP mode, a new dynamic weather system and more. Mission sharing is also finally in the game, making it easier for groups of friends to squad up and play together.

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KitGuru Says: I'm most interested in Squadron 42, which we've not had a major update on for a while now. Still, the main game is also shaping up nicely. Have many of you played Star Citizen recently to check out the latest updates? 

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