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Star Citizen is free to play again this week

It has been a few months since Star Citizen last had a ‘free fly' week. The last one occurred in late 2018 and brought in an extra $7 million in crowd funding. Now, Crowd Imperium Games is looking to draw even more people in. Following on from the game's 3.5 alpha update, Star Citizen is going free to play for the next week, giving everyone a chance to try out the latest in-game features.

Star Citizen will be freely available to download and play from the 1st of May through until the 8th of May. During this time, you'll be able to try out several ships without using any credits, including the Anvil Arrow, Aegis Avenger Titan, Drake Cutlass Black, Drake Dragonfly and MISC Prospector.

All of the free to fly ships were hand picked by the developers to showcase the recent changes to flight control. These changes overhaul the flying experience, adding extra movement control to pilots and adding gravity to planets for a boost of realism. Aside from flying ships around, players can check out Star Citizen's latest planet, ‘ArcCorp' and the urban jungle that rests upon it. Beyond that, character customisation options have been improved,

To take part in the Star Citizen free fly week, you will need to head over to Robert Space Industries, create an account for Star Citizen and download/install the client. You can do all of that, HERE.

KitGuru Says: I had fun with Star Citizen's last free fly week, although I'm not sure if I'll be jumping back in for this one. Are many of you still interested in trying out Star Citizen? Will you be giving the latest update a go during the free week?

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