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Steam sets new record for highest number of active users

Back in January 2018, we saw a new milestone hit on Steam, with 18.5 million users all online and using the platform at once. That record has remained in place for two years now but this week, it was finally broken, with Steam having its biggest day yet. 

The new record of concurrent active Steam users in one day now sits at 18.8 million. The previous record of 18.5 million people was caused by a surge of players all jumping on PUBG but this time around, we aren't actually sure what caused so many people to be logging into Steam all at once.

While there were 18.8 million people online yesterday, there were only 5.8 million people actually playing games (in online mode), whereas the record set two years ago also coincided with a record number of active players in one day, with over 7 million people active in various games.

Either way though, this news comes at a great time for Valve, with the company preparing to ship Dota Underlords out of Early Access, in addition to wrapping up development for Half-Life: Alyx.

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KitGuru Says: Yesterday seemed to be a randomly huge day for Steam. Were any of you online playing games over the weekend? What were you sinking time into? 

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