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Steam Summer Sale ends in a few hours so use up your remaining Grand Prix tokens

The Steam Summer Sale is coming to an end today but if there is anything you still want to pick up, then you still have a few hours left to do it. More importantly, you should double check your Steam Grand Prix event tokens, as you can use them to claim multiple £5 Steam discounts before the event ends.

The Steam Grand Prix had mixed reception. The event was overly complicated and poorly explained to users, which led to confusion and issues with getting people to fully participate. Valve has since acknowledged the issues with the Grand Prix, confirming that Team Corgi won out in the end. Most importantly, the team promises to “anticipate the curves better” next time we are invited to the races, so hopefully next year's event will be a bit more user friendly to get to grips with.

The Steam Summer Sale ends at 6PM BST this evening. Before it ends, you can go to the Grand Prix page on Steam and check out how many tokens you've got left over. Then you can head to the Pit Stop and spend those tokens on different rewards, ranging from chat emotes and profile badges to a £5 Steam discount.

You may have tokens left over that didn't properly appear after purchases earlier in the sale. I checked mine today and had 130,000 tokens left, which I was then able to use on multiple £5 discounts, which can stack on purchases. I was able to cut about 70% off the asking price for Cyberpunk 2077 this way, so be sure to check your tokens and redeem your rewards while you still can.

KitGuru Says: The Steam Summer Sale is officially coming to a close. I ended up picking up more games than I expected to this year, although as usual there are too many for me to play all at once. Did any of you pick up many games during the sale this year? 

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