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The Elder Scrolls Online has launched on consoles, users face login issues

The day has finally arrived with The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited launching on the Xbox One and the PS4, making it one of the first high-budget MMO titles to launch on consoles. However, it has not been without problems as buyers have reported facing login issues on launch day.

The ESO Forums are currently filled with complaints from day one buyers who have not been able to log in since the title’s launch at midnight today (9th of June). These issues seem to be affecting both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players as well.


As you would imagine, those who stayed up late last night hoping to play at release are quite annoyed. The developers at Zenimax are working on resolving issues but it is a shame that the first big console MMO launch has had to fail like this.

Now this isn’t to say that nobody is getting online, there are users currently enjoying the game but this issue seems to be quite prevalent.

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KitGuru Says: The launch day experience for an MMO is pretty important. Hopefully these issues can be resolved quickly so that the day one buyers can play properly. Have any of you guys tried ESO since it dropped its subscription? I’m quite interested in seeing how it plays on a console myself.  

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