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The Outer Worlds is getting two ‘substantial’ story expansions

The Outer Worlds is returning this year, with Obsidian Entertainment releasing the first of two ‘substantial' story DLC packs. The first is called Peril on Gorgon and will see players travelling to an asteroid to investigate the origins of Adrena-Time, one of the consumable drugs in the game. 

Adrena-Time is a Spacer's Choice product and in-game, it allows the player to increase their movement speed for 15 seconds and buff their melee attack. Once the effect wears off though, players get a -1 to all attributes and move 10% slower.

Gorgon is the asteroid where Adrena-Time is created. The DLC is going to add a ‘subtantial amount of content', as you would expect from a DLC priced at $15. According to Obsidian, it is a “noir-tinged” adventure and aside from new story quests, you will also be able to get new weapons, armour, perks and character flaws.

This is the first of two upcoming expansion packs, with the first releasing on the 9th of September. We don't yet know when the second expansion is coming out. Either way though, you can get both as part of a $25 expansion pass. Since The Outer Worlds is still published by Private Division, all of this additional content will be available across all platforms and won't be exclusive to Xbox and PC. Future Obsidian games like Grounded and Avowed, however, will be Xbox and PC only.

KitGuru Says: The Outer Worlds was one of my favourite games of 2019, so I'm looking forward to returning to it. Will many of you be jumping back in to check out the new story expansions? 

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