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The Outer Worlds patch fixes progression bugs and other issues

Obsidian has created some great RPGs over the years but they’ve not always launched without issues. Fortunately, patches have been swift for The Outer Worlds, with the latest update fixing a late game crashing bug, UI issues and a few other problems.

Patch for The Outer Worlds began rolling out this week, fixing two standout bugs in particular thanks to “community requests”. With the latest update, players should no longer crash when reaching a critical story moment on Tartarus. There were a couple of work arounds for this bug already- I had to resort to one myself. Thankfully, those workarounds should no longer be necessary to continue progressing.

The second big fix regards the user interface. Players can now adjust the font size for subtitles, conversation text, terminals etc.

Obsidian has also made some changes to botched quests. Now, existing botched companion quests will have their status reset to active, allowing players to add those crew members to your party again and in-botch the quest. Obviously, this does not work if your companion has died. In addition to that, issues caused by having SAM and Nayoka in your party during the ‘Radio Free Monarch’ quest have been resolved.

Finally, there are some console-specific fixes too. Audio should no longer be muffled on PS4, foliage on Xbox One X should now look roughly as good as it does on PS4 and the ‘Its not the best choice’ achievement/trophy will now pop up correctly.

As for what’s next for The Outer Worlds, rumour has it that the development team is still active, so additional DLC content could be on the way.

KitGuru Says: The Outer Worlds ate up a lot of my gaming hours in October, I even popped back in after completing it to try the ‘evil’ playthrough. Have many of you played this yet? Have you ran into any issues in need of fixing?

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