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The Outer Worlds ‘targets’ 720p in handheld and 1080 while docked on Switch

Last week, Virtuos spoke highly of its ability to get Xbox One and PS4 games working on the Nintendo Switch. We'll be getting a good look at exactly how much the team can squeeze out of Nintendo's home/handheld hybrid system later this week, as The Outer Worlds is coming to the system. 

Virtuous is handling the Nintendo Switch port of Obsidian's 2019 RPG. The game is arriving on the 5th of June and we already have a rough idea of what to expect graphically, thanks to screenshots shared by Nintendo, which you can see below:


After some speculation, some details about what to expect from the Switch version have come to light. Once the 6GB day-one patch is installed, The Outer Worlds should ‘target' 1080p at 30fps while docked and 720p/30fps in handheld mode. The Switch version will also support gyro controls and additional aim assist to make shooting handle better.

Of course, the key word here is ‘target'. Many of the bigger games being ported to Switch run with a dynamic resolution, so don't go in expecting perfect graphics and performance. There are bound to be a good share of dips along the way and we'll likely find that the ‘average' resolution will be lower than native.

With all of that said, The Outer Worlds should still be great on the Switch. Obsidian recently said it is “very happy” with what the team at Virtuos has done and we'll all get to try it for ourselves on June 5th.

KitGuru Says: I tend to revisit all of the big games that get a Switch version, so I'll be sinking some personal time into this over the weekend. Are any of you planning on getting The Outer Worlds for the Nintendo Switch? 

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