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The Witcher 3 will be getting patch 1.09 soon

CD Projekt Red has been working hard to deliver post-launch support for The Witcher: Wild Hunt since its launch back in May. We have had 16 free DLCs, eight patches and soon we will also have an expansion. The studio isn't done yet though, patch 1.09 will be launching in the next couple of weeks ahead of the first expansion, Heart of Stone in October.

Heart of Stone launches on the 13th of October so presumably patch 1.09 will help prepare the game for that, though we don't have any patch notes just yet. We also don't know if the patch will include the additional dialogue for Geralt's romance quest lines with Triss and Yennefer.


What we do know, thanks to Marcin Momot on the CD Projekt Red forums, is that “the list of changes is massive”, with lots of fixes and improvements planned across all platforms. We can also expect a slight performance boost across all platforms, though it seems that the PS4 is going to get the most noticeable bump here.

The patch itself won't be out until October, so we will likely here more over the next two weeks as we lead up to the launch of the Heart of Stone expansion on the 13th.

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KitGuru Says: I'm in the process of completing The Witcher 3, it has taken me months but I am finally nearing the finish line. However, I can't say I've not noticed some minor issues along the way. Either way, CD Projekt Red has been doing a great job following the game's launch. Are any of you still playing The Witcher: Wild Hunt? Are you waiting on the new expansion next month? 

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