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There are just two days left to transfer your Destiny 2 content to Steam, F2P content detailed

Back in June, Bungie made several huge announcements for Destiny 2. For starters, the game is leaving Battle.net behind and relaunching on Steam. The base game and Year 1 DLC content are also being packaged together and put out as the free to play ‘Destiny 2: New Light'. There is also a brand new expansion. All of these changes are occurring on the same day- October 1st, making now a good time to go over exactly what Destiny 2: New Light includes for F2P players and remind Destiny 2 PC owners to transfer their accounts.

First things first, if you do own Destiny 2 on Battle.net and any of the DLCs or Silver currency, then you will want to head over to Bungie's PC move page before the 1st of October. You can transfer everything you own and all of your progress over to Steam. After that, your account progress could be lost as Destiny 2 will no longer be available on Battle.net.

Now with that out of the way, those of you who are planning to jump on to Destiny 2's new free to play tier, there is quite a lot to look forward to. As previously mentioned, the base game, Curse of Osiris and Warmind story campaigns will all be available. You will also have access to all year 1 exotic weapons and armour, in addition to free roam access on all planets, including the Tangled Shore and Earth's Moon, which previously would have been exclusive to Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansion owners.

Destiny 2: New Light players also get access to the full Strike playlist and can directly launch all strikes from Year 1. The Crucible PvP mode is completely open to all players, including maps that have been added in newer expansions. All Year 1 raids and the weapons/gear earned through them will also be available.

Finally, all in-game events and new activities like Gambit, Black Armoury Forges and The Menagerie will be included. Destiny 2 will continue to offer a ‘seasonal pass' but these can now be bought on a per-season basis instead of shelling out for the full annual pass. If you don't want to shell out any extra, then you can get free-tier seasonal ranks and rewards, you are also able to hit the max power level without purchasing additional content.

KitGuru Says: Destiny 2 is essentially having a full relaunch on PC next week. Are many of you planning on hopping on when the game unlocks on Steam? Do any of you still need to transfer your PC account data over to Steam?

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