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This week’s free Witcher DLC adds new Gwent cards and a quest

CD Projekt Red is continuing to shower us with free DLC for The Witcher: Wild Hunt. So far, we've had a new Witcher contract, new weapons, armour and this week we are getting some new Gwent cards known as the ‘Ballad Heroes' set. There is also a new quest called ‘Fools Gold'.

As the name suggests, the new Gwent set gives you access to characters heard about in Dandelion's ballads. The set is neutral so it can be used with any hero card found in the game.


The Fool's Gold quest puts Geralt in league with the village idiot. Together they try to figure out the story behind a village populated by pigs and only pigs. If you've beat the game already, then this gives you an excuse to hop back in and explore the world a little more.

As far as Gwent goes, it is good to see the developers expanding on the card list to change things up a bit.

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KitGuru Says: There is still a few weeks of free DLC to go so it will be interesting to see what else CD Projekt Red comes up with. Have any of you played Gwent properly? It is actually a surprisingly good mini-game, especially once you've built up a solid collection of cards. 

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  1. I want to point out that the “Ballad Heroes” set doesn’t give you any new cards, it just a “skin” change for the neutral cards, and a bad one as well, for example the always awesome Villentretenmerth (a nasty dragon) is now some random dude with 2 female elves (and no, they are not doing anything nasty). I immediately turned off that dlc.

  2. Awwww, that’s unfortunate

  3. Gersommelk Felipe

    Not some random dude.
    Its his human form. Lil golden dragon and Geralt go waaay back..as friends. The 2 “elven” girls, are in fact zerricanian amazons. They’re on the books man! Read’em!