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Triggerbot users aren’t pleased about their Overwatch bans

Blizzard has had a strict zero-tolerance policy for Overwatch cheaters since day one. However, there are always going to be some that try to cheat anyway and this week, Blizzard had a major ban wave for Overwatch players using Triggerbot and it seems quite a few of those affected don’t understand why they’ve been punished so harshly.

A Triggerbot is a cheat that automatically shoots for a user when a crosshair is placed over an enemy. It definitely sounds like the sort of thing that would get you banned in a first-person shooter, and yet, one Redditor has managed to put together a long list of Triggerbot users who were either surprised about their bans, or think the punishment was unfair.


There is an Imgur album filled with screencaps from a cheat site forum, with some believing that since they paid for the game, they don’t deserve to be banned for cheating. Others think that Blizzard’s cheat detection systems are downright illegal and that they should be sued for ‘unfair’ bans.

Now it would be unfair to suggest that every affected Overwatch cheater had such a ridiculous reaction. There was some level headed comments, with one member of the forum calling out those acting shocked after getting banned, as well as those saying they should sue Blizzard over it. Still though, the comments were pretty entertaining to read.

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KitGuru Says: Blizzard established a pretty hard stance against cheaters immediately after Overwatch’s launch, so even if you only cheated in a few matches, a ban shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, if anything, you should be expecting to get caught at some point.

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