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Ubisoft is finally reviving Splinter Cell

For years now, Splinter Cell has been in and out of rumours for a new game, but each time long-time series fans have been let down. The most recent attempts to keep the series alive resulted in collaboration events with Ghost Recon, a mobile game and a VR game. We may finally get a new core game in the series in the years to come though. 

According to sources speaking with VGC, Ubisoft has recently greenlit a new Splinter Cell game being developed at the publisher's Montreal studio. The goal is to win over the fans disappointed by the recent mobile and VR spin-offs.

Apparently, this Splinter Cell revival is in early production, but there is a “small chance” it could be announced in 2022. At this time though, Ubisoft has not commented publicly to confirm or deny this information.

That's unfortunately all the information available for now. Whether this will be a true Splinter Cell with individual levels and a full campaign, or a big open-world title crammed with different activities, still remains to be seen.

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KitGuru Says: As much as I would love to see a new Splinter Cell game, there have been so many rumours in recent years that I don't think I'll truly believe a new game is being made until it's actually out. Would you like to see a new Splinter Cell game in the next few years? 

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