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Ubisoft reveals Assassin’s Creed Unity Patch 3 notes

Assassin's Creed Unity hasn't had a good launch, the game is currently a mess on the PS4 and PC while the Xbox One version suffers from less severe issues. So what is next on Ubisoft's list of things to fix? Well the dev team seems to be fixing everything except for the horrible frame rate.

To be fair, there are separate teams working to fix each problem so it is likely that the frame rate issues are just so bad that they are taking a lot longer to fix. For those of you that do own Assassin's Creed Unity, following on from Patch 3 you should see AI and Crowds fixed, removing animation problems and NPC navigation issues.


Matchmaking and uPlay connectivity should also be fixed, improving co-op play and allowing users to join in-progress games. The Menus and HUD are due to be updated to address missing details, pop-up overlapping and localization inconsistencies.

Finally, Ubisoft is hoping to provide more stability to the game and put a stop to random crashes while in both the campaign and in co-op mode. In a future fourth patch we should see frame rate stability improved, removing massive dips:

“We are also investigating various performance issues including framerate drops, and are looking into how we can address them. We’ll tell you more about our progress on that topic in the coming days.”

The PC and Playstation 4 versions of Unity have received two patches so far, fixing massive problems like Arno falling through the ground, clipping through walls and props, various NPC glitches among other things. The Xbox One version is also due to get some patches.

Patch 3 will be out this week, users will have to wait a bit longer for a frame rate fix, which will hopefully be included in patch four.

You can view Ubisoft's live patch updates, HERE. 

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KitGuru Says: While a few gamers haven't come across any issues with Unity, the vast majority have been reporting a variety of bugs along with frame rate issues. Right now for me, it is the poor optimization keeping me from playing the game, there's an SLI profile but I frequently dip below 30 frames per second with two GTX 780s at 1080p, which just shouldn't happen. How have you guys been finding AC: Unity so far? Have you come across any major issues? What's your frame rate like? 

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