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AMD releases hotfix for Crimson driver fan issues

AMD put a lot of effort into the development, launch and popularisation of its new Crimson driver that replaced the Catalyst Control Centre. It changed the aesthetic and function of AMD's drivers in many ways, but seemed to cause some nasty issues with fan-speed settings too. Fortunately AMD responded rather …

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Google now offering five figure bounties for Android bugs

Bounties have proved an affective way of tackling security issues with software in the past, since it incentivises the kind of people who hunt out such things to report them, rather than using it to disrupt service or exploit people. Google has clearly been paying attention to that, as it's …

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Ubisoft to launch third AC: Unity patch this week

Ubisoft is finally getting around to fixing up the bulk of Assassin Creed Unity's issues this week, including the game's broken multiplayer, animations and AI alongside specific frame rate issues. The third patch is said to be the biggest yet and will be hitting the PC, Xbox One and PS4 at different …

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iOS 8 now installed on 56% of iPhones and iPads

After a few updates and plenty of bug fixes, iOS 8 adoption is finally on the rise. Adoption has crawled to a halt back in September after it was revealed that the latest mobile OS from Apple was causing far too many problems such as bad WiFi reception, loss of …

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Watch Dogs patch to address many PC issues

The upcoming patch for Ubisoft's recently released Watch Dogs is set to be released over the next few days on multiple platforms. Though it will be mostly focused on improving the PC experience, some changes to the console versions should tweak gameplay and the online experience too. The major gameplay …

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EA in BF4 legal investigation

EA is in a tricky situation right now, it's already annoyed its customers with the rushed and buggy release of Battlefield 4 but now it seems that law firm Holzer Holzer and Fistel, believes that  EA may have lied about the game's progress to keep investors happy. proposal argument essay …

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