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WWE 2K20’s disastrous launch has led to Sony offering customers refunds

2K’s latest entry in the WWE franchise is being review bombed by fans after claims that the game launched in a buggy and unfinished state. Amid all these complaints, PlayStation has reportedly been issuing refunds to those who request it on their digital store, a move which is uncommon for the console manufacturer.

Despite only releasing on the 22nd of October, a massive list of all known bugs and glitches has been compiled on Reddit: Features are missing, the graphics are inconsistent, and the physics bugs are out of control. The hashtag #fixWWE2K20 is being used on Twitter to pressure 2K into acknowledging and fixing the abundance of problems.

Gamesindustry.biz is reporting that Sony are seemingly allowing refund requests to be accepted by dissatisfied customers. Unlike with Steam, once users have purchased and downloaded a game through the PlayStation Store, refund requests are no longer accepted generally. There are exceptions however, and it seems like this instance is one of those exceptions.

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While WWE 2K has never been the best reviewed series, this year’s release appears to be especially bad. The reason for 2K20’s substantial drop in quality may be due to the changing of developers. Yuke’s, who have been involved in the development of wrestling games for almost 20 years, split with 2K back in August, leaving relative newcomer, “Visual Concepts” to take over development.

It seems like the franchise may be paying the price of this departure, with the game currently standing at a 1.9 user score on Metacritic, and whilst there haven’t been enough reviews by critics to formulate a cumulative score, what reviews there are, don’t seem to be any more positive than the users’.

KitGuru says: Did you buy WWE 2K20? Have you been as disappointed with this release as everyone else? Are you planning to ask for a refund? Let us know down below.

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