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Ubisoft to launch third AC: Unity patch this week

Ubisoft is finally getting around to fixing up the bulk of Assassin Creed Unity's issues this week, including the game's broken multiplayer, animations and AI alongside specific frame rate issues. The third patch is said to be the biggest yet and will be hitting the PC, Xbox One and PS4 at different times throughout the week.

Assassin's Creed Unity launched two weeks ago but unfortunately for early buyers, the game was a mess, littered with bugs and performance issues. This third patch will hopefully fix the game up to the point that owners can play the game the way it was intended, with proper AI and Co-op support.


The exact size of the patch hasn't been confirmed yet but key fixes will include:

  • Fixed numerous random crashes for both on Campaign and Co-op.
  • Fixed navigation issues where the player gets stuck.
  • Fixed specific framerate drops.
  • Fixed animation issues.
  • Fixed various match making issues.

PC specific fixes include:

  • Fixed save corruptions.
  • Fixed temporal blur for SLI.
  • Fixed graphical corruptions in customization menu.
  • Fixed crash in character customization menu during controller switch.
  • Fixed ALT+ENTER to windowed mode.
  • NPC on side monitors show correctly.
  • Minor UI improvements.

The game on the Playstation 4 has been further optimized to lower the priority of the online services thread, this will help improve the frame rate. However, a loading priority fix for the PC version is still in the works so it seems for the time being, it looks like many system owners won't be able to run the game at a smooth frame rate.

You can read the full patch notes, HERE. 

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KitGuru Says: Ubisoft really needs to hurry up with that PC frame rate patch, many high end systems still can't run this game as well as they should be. That said, this patch should fix up many other aspects of the game, such as the social features. Have any of you guys managed to make it through Unity yet? Are you waiting until the game is fully fixed? Are you planning on skipping this title entirely due to its troubled launch? 

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