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Gabe Newell wins over developers with free HTC Vives

Valve founder Gabe Newell made a brief speech at this year's Vision Summit 2016 organised by Unity, in which he broke down some of the exciting announcements coming at the event. However he seemed particularly pumped about what he called his “Oprah moment,” in the latter half of the speech, …

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Does the Unity Engine have an image problem?

Despite not having quite the visual pedigree of the Unreal Engine or CryEngine series of developmental tools, Unity is a world wide respected piece of software that has been used by millions to create thousands of games. However, according to the company's CEO John Riccitiello, the fact that so many people …

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Unity Engine will fully support Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft announced the Hololens back in January and recently showed the device off a bit more at its annual Build conference last night. Now, Unity, the company behind the popular Unity Engine has announced that it will be fully supporting the augmented reality lenses. The announcement was made in an …

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Nintendo pulls down fan-made Mario 64 level

The internet was pleasantly surprised last week when a fan-made, HD remake of Mario 64's first level was made available online for people to play in their browser. Thanks to the power of the Unity engine, we could all be whisked back to the mid-90s, where Nintendo was ruling the roost …

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Ubisoft to launch third AC: Unity patch this week

Ubisoft is finally getting around to fixing up the bulk of Assassin Creed Unity's issues this week, including the game's broken multiplayer, animations and AI alongside specific frame rate issues. The third patch is said to be the biggest yet and will be hitting the PC, Xbox One and PS4 at different …

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