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Nvidia is bringing DLSS to Unity this year

Nvidia opened the door for thousands of developers to take advantage of DLSS technology when it released an official plugin for the Unreal Engine. Now, Nvidia is bringing its DLSS plugin to another widely used engine – Unity.

As part of Nvidia's GTC 2021 announcements, the company revealed today that it will be bringing its DLSS plugin to Unity, which will be natively supported in the High Definition Render Pipeline in Unity before the end of this year.

This follows Nvidia's launch of the DLSS plugin for Unreal Engine 4 back in February, opening the door for any game developer to take advantage of the technology without needing to partner up with Nvidia directly.

DLSS works by taking three inputs – a low resolution, aliased image, motion vectors for the current frame and the high resolution version of the previous frame. From there, Nvidia's AI model combines it all into a sharper, high resolution image, to which post-processing and other effects are then applied. At this point, most major PC games with ray-tracing also support DLSS to lessen the performance hit. You can also turn DLSS on without ray-tracing for very good performance gains in supported titles.

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KitGuru Says: With support in Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, we'll be seeing a ton of games supporting DLSS in the years to come. How many of you have an RTX 20 or RTX 30 series GPU? Do you use DLSS in supported games? 

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