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WB Games Montréal is teasing its next Batman game again

Just in case you didn't get the message during the first teaser four months ago, WB Montreal is in fact working on a new Batman game. We were all anticipating an announcement for this late last year after the first round of teasers but that never came to fruition. Perhaps the most recent tease is an indicator that news is on the way though. 

During the last round of teasing, the studio revealed four faction emblems, essentially confirming the Court of Owls and potentially the League of Shadows for this new game. The latest teaser is another emblem, once again revolving around the Court of Owls.

The teasers were once again accompanied by the tagline ‘Capture the Knight' but we are still no closer to knowing exactly when the game will actually be announced. Previous rumours suggest that the game will be called ‘Batman Arkham Legacy' and feature multiple playable characters.

Other rumours have suggested that this will be a multiplayer/co-op ‘service' style game. So far, we have no solid confirmation on either of those rumours. One thing is for sure though, a new Batman game is coming and WB Montreal doesn't want to announce it yet, but also doesn't want to let us forget about it.

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KitGuru Says: A new Batman game is always going to be exciting, but I think drawn-out marketing like this can backfire. Hopefully this time the teaser will be followed up on with an announcement, rather than another teaser. 

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