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Xbox Series S confirmed via Xbox One controller packaging

There have been a number of rumours pointing towards the existence of a second next-gen console from Microsoft dating back a couple of years now. For a long time, we’ve been running under the assumption that this will be known as the Xbox Series S and it would seem that we now have official confirmation of that console. 

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship next-gen console, but it is rumoured that a lower-end variant will also ship with a cheaper price tag and a lower-tier GPU. Now, thanks to a leak of some upcoming Xbox controller packaging, we now know that this cheaper console will be the Xbox Series S.


Image credit: Zak S, Tiny Rakan

The leaked image above makes its way to us via arstechnica and as we can see from the compatibility listing from the box’s inner leaflet, the controller is supported on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows 10, Android and iOS.

This is the second official leak for Xbox Series S, with the first arriving a few months back, in which Microsoft mentioned the console codenamed ‘Lockhart’ in an official document.

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KitGuru Says: At this point, leaks like this are just icing on the cake, as it has been long known that an Xbox Series S would be coming. With leaks now coming via packaging, perhaps we can expect an official announcement in the very near future. 

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