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Xbox Series X tipped to cost $599

Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed that it would be launching the Xbox Series X in November and now, we may also know how much the console will cost. Thanks to a retail source, it appears that we have confirmation that the Xbox Series X will cost $599. 

Rumours have flipped back and forth between $499 and $599 for the Xbox Series X at launch. Now thanks to a retail source speaking with Alanah Pearce on the Kinda Funny XCast, there does appear to be proof that the console will cost $599.

The proof seems to be an image of a retail system listing the Xbox Series X with a November release date and $599 price tag. Microsoft has yet to confirm this price tag, but given the hardware inside the Series X, this does seem likely.

What we don't know, is how much the Xbox Series S will cost. Microsoft will have a cheaper next-gen console with a less expensive GPU to tackle two price points and consumer segments at the same time. Microsoft is expected to reveal more about the Xbox Series S within the next few weeks.

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KitGuru Says: How much do you reckon the PS5 and Xbox Series S will end up costing? Would $599 be the right price for the Xbox Series X? 

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