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You can check out Star Citizen for free this weekend

Chances are you’ve heard of Star Citizen, it is one of the most ambitious crowd funded games to date. If you aren’t sure what all of the hype is about, then this weekend is your chance to give it a go as a 20GB demo of the game will be freely available until the end of tomorrow.

To start off you will need a Star Citizen account, which you can create, HERE. After that you can enter the code PAXEASTFREEFLY2K15 and start your download. The demo client is 20GB so expect it to take a little while.


The demo will give you access to the Anvil Hornet F7C trainer ship in the Arena Commander module, which throws you out in to space to shoot at other ships. Obviously the game is still in development and the final version of the game isn’t due until sometime next year, so don’t expect the demo to have a ton of content, despite its 20GB size.

The final game is expected to exceed 100GB in size due to the in-game assets. Star Citizen also recently surpassed the $75 million crowd funding goal and will likely go on to generate $100 million.

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KitGuru Says: A 20GB download shouldn’t be too bad for most people. Are you planning to give the game a go? Are you already a backer? 

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