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Annapurna’s cyberpunk cat game STRAY has been rated in Korea

When Sony first unveiled the PlayStation 5 back in Summer 2020, a wide variety of games were announced, from launch titles to future and distant projects. One of the games announced was STRAY – an interesting title which has you play as a cat in a futuristic cyberpunk robot world. Planned for release in ‘Early 2022’ the game has now hit a major milestone.

The Korean video game ratings board has a history of accidentally leaking the status of titles before they can be officially stated. Now, the board has rated the Annapurna-published indie game STRAY.

For the uninitiated, STRAY is a third-person adventure title which sees you play as a cat who has fallen into a world filled entirely with robots, where you then have to find your way back home to your family.

As mentioned, the game was first announced at Sony’s PS5 showcase all the way back in Summer of 2020. In early January 2021 the release window was announced for later that year – though it was ultimately pushed back to ‘Early 2022’.

The entire concept of STRAY is an enticing one and was one of the standout titles announced at the PS5 games showcase. Hopefully this rating means that the game is not too far away and is able to mostly hit its Early 2022 window.

KitGuru says: Are you excited for STRAY? What other animals would you like to play as? Will you be picking the game up day-one? Let us know down below.

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