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Crystal Dynamics is already hiring for its next (possibly Marvel related) project

Square Enix’ Marvel’s Avengers has only just released today to players across the world, yet it appears as though the game’s developer – Crystal Dynamics – is already preparing for its next project. The developers have posted a number of job listings for “a new original AAA game” which may also be set in the Marvel universe.

Making the announcement on its website, Crystal Dynamics has posted a large number of job listings, including but not limited to: Lead Multiplayer Systems Designer, Technical Director – Online, Online Services Engineer and Live Operations Producer.

The jobs themselves are in service of being “part of the formative stages of a new original AAA game being built in our Redwood City studio”. The game in question will reportedly feature “ranged combat. . .in a PVE and PVP multiplayer environment,” as well as “progression systems, engaging rewards,” and “an ongoing in-game economy.”

While Marvel’s Avengers includes many of these features, the game does not include any PvP modes, and while the title will continue to see content added for the foreseeable future, an entire shift in the game’s multiplayer focus post-launch seems unlikely.

Though no further details have been provided on the game, some have speculated that this unannounced game could also be set in the Marvel universe, with the original announcement of the collaboration between Marvel and Square Enix being described as a “multi-year, multi-game” partnership.

Whatever the game may be, it is still years away. Until then, Marvel’s Avengers will have to do even if early reviews aren’t overwhelmingly positive.

KitGuru says: What do you think Crystal Dynamics’ next game is? What Marvel character would you like to see get their own game? What do you think of Marvel’s Avengers? Let us know down below.

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